Heart to Heart Training Club

First launched in December 2010, the "Heart to Heart" training club was designed as a mechanism to enhance knowledge, communication, and collaboration amongst the cardiovascular labs on campus through a formal presentation followed by informal discussion and networking.  The club also serves to improve oral communication and presentation skills, and stimulate cohesion within the training program between the pre-doctoral and cardiology fellow tracks.  On the 2nd Tuesday of each month, either a trainee from a Center lab presents stumbling blocks of their project and receives suggestions on how they might progress through these obstacles, or faculty member presents a new project idea to get feedback from the trainees and faculty in the other cardiovascular labs.


Since 2010 the mission of the training club has expanded to include a variety of topics from outside sources to further enrich the trainees’ education and to give them the opportunity to be exposed the wide variety of career options available to PhD’s.  Topics such as Unmet Needs in Clinical Cardiology, Understanding Intellectual Property Law, and Effectively Communicating With Your Target Audience: The Savvy Scientist, have all been presented by outside speakers.


The training club meets during the lunch hour (12:00pm -1:00pm) in 2430 Engineering Hall and the Center provides a heart healthy lunch.  Participation in the training club is limited to Cardiovascular Center faculty members and their students.  For information on becoming member of the Center, please go to: http://cardiovascular.eng.uci.edu/membership-application-form